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Step-by-step Guide to Activate your Office Product.

Office 365 Download

What do you mean by Office 365?

Office 365 is a complete package of all the Office productivity suite that provides outstanding cloud storage facilities. It also offers the secured communication tools and services including the various desktop applications.

Key Features of accessing Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an online subscription-based Office suite through which you can chat effortlessly with your co-workers, collaborate on files and exchange information. This suite gives access to the premium versions of the Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, and other Office related applications using Office 365. These applications are updated on a regular basis with the latest versions so that you can easily get access to its upgraded version to make your work easier. 

Office 365 application is compatible with Windows as well as for the Mac operating system. This all in one productivity suite is used for different purposes such as for home, enterprise and for education. Apart from this, it provides 30 days of free trial to the users who are accessing it for the very first time. Just after completing the trial period you can either remove your card or renew the subscription for continuing the services of Office 365.

To enjoy this excellent and flawless office productivity application you can have to go through the Office 365 Download procedure.

What are the minimum system requirements that are essential for Office 365 Download?

Office 365 Download

Before you commence with the Office 365 Download procedure it is essential to go through the system specifications.This is so that you can conveniently run the application without any intervention and complete your computer based tasks with this application in less time possible. 

Operating Systems

The Office 365 productivity software operates well on Windows as well as Mac operating systems. You can easily install the software on the Windows 8.1, Windows 10 operating systems. Along with this, it also operates on the Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016. However, on the Mac device the application can be set up and operate on one of three most recently launched operating systems. 

Compatible Web Browsers 

To initiate with the installation of the Office 365 product, it is mandatory to have the most upgraded version of the web browser. The latest versions of the web browsers are Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and so on. 

Storage Space Required(RAM)

You can easily install the Office 365 application on Window based devices with 4 GB RAM. However, the memory space required for a Mac device is also 4GB. 

Hard Disk Space

The hard disk space required for Windows PC must be 4 GB. Whereas, on Mac devices there must be available hard disk space up to 10 GB.

Understandable Procedure To Purchase Office 365

Office 365 Download
  • To purchase the Office 365 product from an online store,firstly launch the internet browser as per your suitability. 
  • Visit the main website of Microsoft Office using the web address which is From there, navigate for Microsoft 365 and click on it to pursue with the Office 365 Download.
  • You will be presented with three tabs which is For Home, For Business and For Home use. Make the appropriate choice and then click on any of these tabs. 
  • Doing so, you will be showcased with the various products that are available under the particular category that you have opted. Deeply go through different products just by having a glimpse on all their features as well as their price. 
  • Choose the product that suits you best and press the Buy Now button beneath the product name that you have opted. 
  • Next, you have to securely Sign In to your Office account with the subscribed login details. 

Note: If you are signing up for the very first time, establish the account by tapping on Create One link.

  • Furthermore, choose the appropriate mode of payment and then fill the details according to it. Along with this also mention your personal information rightly.
  • Later on, go through the details carefully, and then Place an Order. 
  • Finally, this concludes the entire purchase procedure successfully.

Distinct Ways For Secure and Safe Office 365 Download

You can efficiently and simply download the Office 365 productivity suite just by opting for any of the downloading methods as per your choice.

Download Office 365 using the webpage
  • In the primary stage get prepared with the computing device having a compatible web browser already installed in it. For this, you have suggested web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, Apple Safari, and other latest versions of the web browsers. 
  • In the address field, simply insert the URL correctly which is, hit the Enter key. Wait patiently to load the pages properly on your computer screen. 
  • Once the pages load properly, you will be taken to the desired webpage where you have to select the Sign In tab. 
  • Besides this, it also gives you the opportunity to sign up to your Office account, if you have not registered with Microsoft earlier.
  • Afterwards, you are prompted to fill in the email address or phone number using which you have signed up your Office account. Enter any one of the following information and select Next. 
  • Consequently, it will take you to the window where you have to write down the password for the same email address that you have mentioned above. This is required to keep your account safe and secure. And then click on the Sign In tab.
  • It will straightaway lead you to the Office’s Activation web page. Here, you have to simply use the Activation key code for Office Download that you have either received in the email confirmation mail or in the retail product box. 
  • After entering the activation code correctly, check it twice and click the Submit button. 
  • Next, you will be taken to the Subscriptions and Services Web Page of Microsoft Office. 
  • On the same page, navigate for the online purchased Office 365 subscription and along with it you will notice the Install tab. You are then supposed to place your cursor and opt for the highlighted Install tab. 
  • As soon as you click on this tab, it will automatically begin the Office 365 Download process.

Office 365 Download Through The Microsoft Office Account Portal

Office 365 Download
  • Use the latest and upgrade version of the web explorer depending upon your usability and go to
  • By doing so, it will lead you to the official page of Office. Look at the profile icon at the upper right corner of the webpage and click on it. 
  • Subsequently, it will bring you to the Office Sign In webpage ”Portal.Office.Com“. Here, you have to enter the username that is hooked up with this account. Alternatively, you are supposed to input the mobile number or Skype ID using which you have generated the Office account. Then, select the Next button. 
  • In the upcoming screen, input the correct password for the above mentioned username and click Sign In.

Point To Remember: Just in case, you have not registered with the Microsoft account, it is essential that you first generate the Account. 

  • Once you successfully reach the Office account’s portal, you will notice your Office 365 product registered on the Services and Subscription page. 
  • In the end, once you get the product, you will get the Install tab to pursue with the Office 365 Download process. Hence, click on it and commence the downloading procedure, look at the progress bar at the downloading screen and wait for it to conclude the downloading process. 

Apart from these two methods, there is yet another medium through which you can download Office 365 which is through Email Confirmation mail. To commence with the downloading process, ensure that you have successfully completed the purchase just by following the above mentioned steps. Continuing with this, you will receive the Order Confirmation mail on the email address that you have mentioned while purchasing. Sign in to your email account and go to Inbox and open the mail received from Office. Within the mail you will get a safe and reliable link for Office 365 Download along with the Install tab. Just by pressing this tab, it will directly start installing the application into your preferred operating system. Finally, wait for it to complete and restart your computer.

Instructions to Install Office 365 application

Install Office 365
On Windows PC 
  • To install the Office 365 product, navigate the online downloaded setup file, and click on it twice to open it on your screen. 
  • After launching the setup file, instantly you will get a run dialogue box, click on Run, Setup or Save File as per the option available. 
  • Following this, you will lead to the User Account Control window. You have to select the Yes tab to give the permission to make the mandatory changes in the application. 
  • You are then supposed to press the Install tab and it will automatically start installing the setup file. 
  • Finally, this will pursue the installation process, wait for it to complete. Once it gets completed you will be notified with a message “You are all set ! Office is Installed Now” . Hence, opt for the Close button to end the installation process. 
On Mac PC
  • On your Mac desktop, launch the Finder applications and from there access the download’s folder.  Continuing with this, click on the .pkg file twice. 
  • Doing so, you will get the Welcome window of Office, press the Continue button.
  • Deeply analyze the Microsoft’s Office License Agreement and confirm the agreement by clicking the desired checkbox. 
  • In the interim, you have to enter the Mac login details carefully and opt for Install Software. 
  • At last, click on the Install button and it will initiate the installation of Office 365 Download setup file.