Reinstall Office 365

Reinstall Office 365

Reinstall Office 365

MS Office 365 is the holistic software solution that takes care of your productivity requirements. This versatile, user-friendly software package combines all the cutting-edge desktop as well as cloud tools. Although, these software applications are exceptionally hassfree. However, they are still vulnerable to occasional technical glitches. One of the commonly employed solutions for such technical failures is to Reinstall Office 365.

How To Reinstall Office 365?


The process to Reinstall Office 365 is extremely simple and user-friendly that doesn’t require any technical know-how. However, it is vital to procure certain prerequisites for a hasslefree process. 

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of its Setup File. For this, you should get it from an authentic and reliable source like its official website. 
  2. Your System should not have any pre-installed Office Software. If it has any software. Then, properly uninstall it in order to reinstall Office 365. 
  3.  Moreover, it is important to close down any open Browser, Application, or Program on your Computer.

Download The Setup File To Reinstall

Reinstall Office 365​
  1. First of all, open any Web Browser of your choice. 
  2. Then, visit “”.
  3. Now, “Sign In” to your Microsoft Account. For this, click on the Profile icon. Provide your registered Email Address or Phone Number and click “Next”. Thereafter, enter your Password. Then, click on “Sign In”. 
  4. Next, you should go to its “Subscriptions” section. 
  5. Thereafter, look for Office 365 Download from the list of all the purchased products. 
  6. Click on the “Download” button beside it to begin the downloading process. 
  7. Finally, wait for the process to complete.

Uninstall The Software

MS Office
From Control Panel
  1. To begin with, look at the lower left-hand corner of your Computer screen for the Windows Start button. Click on it to expand it.
  2. Now, search for your Computer’s “Control Panel”. 
  3. Open the “Control Panel” by clicking on it. 
  4. Next, you should search for the “Programs” tab. Then, click on it. 
  5. Thereafter, select the “Programs and Features” option. 
  6. After that, you can see a list of all the installed Software and Applications including Office 365. Hence, locate Office 365. Then, select it. 
  7. Then, right-click on it. 
  8. Subsequently, select “Uninstall” to remove the application. 
With Office Uninstaller Tool
  1. Launch an available Internet Browser. 
  2. Now, visit “”.
  3. Go to its Support page. 
  4. Next, you should search for the Office Uninstaller Tool. In order to begin the downloading process, click on the given “Download” button. 
  5. Then, wait while the Office Setup File downloads completely. 
  6. Thereafter, search your System for the downloaded Setup File. For this, check your System’s default download location which is the “Downloads Folder”. 
  7. Open this Setup File by double-clicking on it. 
  8. Click “Run” or “Open” on the following Security Prompt window. 
  9. Opt for Office 3665 to initiate the process to Reinstall Office 365.
  10. Then, click “Next”. 
  11. Complete the Installation process by following on-screen prompts. 
  12. Finally, restart your computer. 
  13. After that, it will automatically re-open the Uninstaller. 
  14. Then, complete the Uninstallation process by following on-screen prompts

Reinstall Office 365

Reinstall Office 365

For Windows

  1. Begin the process to Reinstall Office 365 by searching your Computer for the downloaded Setup File. In other words, check the “Downloads Folder” which is your system’s default download location. 
  2. Open the same. For this, double-click on it.. 
  3. As a result, a Security Warning pop-up box will turn up. Hence, select “Run” or “Setup” or “Save” according to your Browser. 
  4. Now, you will get a “User Account Control” window. Hence, click on “Yes” to permit for the process to Reinstall Office 365. 
  5. This will bring up the Installation Wizard. As such, click “Next”.
  6. With this, you will get a “Software License Agreement” window. As such, go through the terms properly. Then, select “Agree”.
  7. Thereafter, click “Continue” on the following window. 
  8. When prompted, “Sign In” to your Microsoft Account
  9. This will begin the reinstallation process. Hence, wait for its completion. 
  10. When you get a Confirmation Message, click “Close”.
  11. Finally, restart your Computer. 

For Mac

  1. Begin the process to Reinstall Office 365 by searching your Computer for the downloaded Setup File. 
  2. Open the Setup File by double-clicking on it. 
  3. When you get the “Welcome” window to Reinstall Office 365, simply click on “Continue”.
  4. As a result, it will redirect you to the “License Agreement” window. Hence, review the given terms attentively. Then, click on the “Continue” tab located at the lower right-hand corner of this window. 
  5. When prompted to accept the terms, click on “Agree”. 
  6. The following window gives you the opportunity to alter the location for saving the Installed Software. For this, click on the “Install Options” tab. Then, provide a preferred location and click on “Save”.
  7. Finally, click on the “Install” tab to begin the process to Reinstall Office 365. 
  8. When prompted, enter the Mac Admin User ID and Password. Then, click on  “Install Software”.
  9. After that, wait for the process to finish properly. 
  10. Finally, click “Close”.
  11. Then, restart your computer. 

For Mobile Device

  1. Launch “Google Play Store” or “App Store” on your Android or iOS Device respectively. 
  2. Navigate it to find the Office 365 Application. Then, open it. 
  3. Click on the highlighted “Install” button to initiate the reinstallation process. 
  4. This will bring up a pop-up box to seek your permission. Hence, click on “Agree” or “Allow”. 
  5. As a result, the process will begin. 
  6. Hence, patiently wait for the process to finish. 
  7. Click “Open” when the process completes. 
  8. Thereafter, “Sign In” to your Microsoft Account.