First-time registration at Portal.office.com

For registration to your Office account for the first time, users must have to visit the webpage through the appropriate web URL portal.office.com. Once you have entered the URL, check it twice to avoid further issues. After this, you are supposed to opt for the No Account? Create One! Link to reach the desired web page. 

 You will then be prompted with a window, where you have to insert the username that you want to connect with this account. Apart from this, you can also use the contact number, just by clicking on the Use a phone number instead.  Next, you have to fix a new and unique password that must contain at least 8 characters. While creating the password it is recommended that you must not use your personal information or the passwords that are easy to crack for the password attackers. Furthermore, you are required to complete the process by verifying your identity just by following the online instructions.

Useful instructions to sign in to Office account


To commence with the Office sign-in process, launch the internet browser that you commonly use on your computer or laptop. Link your computing device with the internet network connection either through the wi-fi connection or through the Ethernet cable. After completing the configuration part, go to portal.office.com. 

On the preferred web page, add the username and mobile number using which you have registered your Office 365 account earlier. Then, you have to opt for the Next tab. Following this, you have to put in the registered password carefully into the assigned text field. Ensure that you have put in all the characters of your password correctly as it is without skipping any character of it to avoid typing errors. At last, after entering all the details correctly, recheck it and tap on the Sign In tab.

What are the things that you can do after signing into your accounts?

portal.office.com is an online web platform using which you can perform various functions, such as Office 365 Download, manage the account settings, add new devices, canceling the subscription, and so on. Below is the list of functions that you can easily perform after the successful login to the Office account. 

  • To perform the different functions you first have to reach the portal.office.com webpage. 
  • Soon after this, add the email address and password connected with this account. 
  • After this, click on the Sign In option. 
  • Once you reach your accounts portal,  you will observe the profile icon with your username on the upper right corner of the page, tap on it. From there, you have to select the My Account which is the second option on the list.
  • As a result, you will notice different options using which you can easily manage your account as per your convenience and requirement. 
    • Your info: Just by choosing this option, you can change the display language as per your usability. By changing the display language you will see all the information on the Office applications that you have purchased in that particular language. In addition to this, you can also change the shipping address or new address if you want to change the location. Above all of this, you can change the region, reset the email address with the help of this option. 
    • Payment & Billing: Opting for the Payment & Billing option, you can change the mode of payment that you are using at present. For this, you also have to modify the personal as well as your card details according to it also. Sometimes, you have to do this when there is some issue regarding the payment of the Office product while activating the Office product key. 
    •  Devices- By accessing this option, you can easily add the Office product that you have purchased later on. Along with this, you can also add any of your Office accessories such as Xbox or Xbox accessory by signing in to your Office account. 
    • Change Password: It also gives you the option to reset the password so as to keep your portal.office.com account safe and secure from unauthorized access. You must update your password on a regular or monthly basis. 
    • Security- You can change the sign-in option of your Office account according to your preference and set the digit device. In other words, after login to portal.office.com, you can set up a security key like a USB device and an NSP device for office login. 
    • Two-step Verification- The best part is that you can also enable the two-step verification so as to keep your account safe. Whenever you enable this option you will be asked for the password every time you sign in to your Office account from any other device. By doing so it will ensure complete security to your account.